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Why I'm Not Doing This Anymore

It was invigorating starting the Daily Cardio Vibes journey, and I was genuinely staying on top of my game. By waking up early and hitting the gym sometimes, I would wake up early and didn’t even hit the gym right away.

Over time it started feeling like I was doing these videos for all the wrong reasons. I truly wanted to encourage someone to hit the gym daily, but then I randomly had thoughts of people wouldn’t believe I'm going to the gym every day.

He’s just faking it and throwing water on his face.

I realized that it wasn’t the daily cardio I was most attracted to during this journey it was delivering valuable information. I realized I really enjoy encouraging people and I don’t have to be on a treadmill making people seasick as the camera moves viciously up and down holding it with one hand.

Let us not talk about the audio quality, ambient sound with an annoying treadmill echoing in the background. It was annoyin Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. g hearing the playback, so I know people would struggle to watch the videos all the way thru.

I do commend myself for consecutively producing 9 videos. I was already doing a daily routine of cardio before, so I just decided one day to start filming.

I'm in the mood now to where if I have an idea I'm going to try it to avoid any regrets and allowing my mind to play tennis with the concept. Nike phrased it best, just do it! After that, you can decide if it is for you or not.

Most importantly I need to focus more on other areas of my life such as becoming a better CG Artist. I'm graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in computer animation in less than 30 days in I have to enhance my focus on increasing the quality of my demo reel and landing a "dream job."

Earlier today I came to the conclusion of creating a podcast show. I don’t plan to do the podcast daily so that will give me more time to improve my skill set and still encourage people in the podcast.

I have a condenser microphone already which would solve my audio issue, and I could use my DSLR camera to produce a video podcast as well.

So with that being said be on the lookout for some podcast shows coming to you soon. That will be based around Mind, Body, Spirit, and other things I find of interest and value.

It's been said that I have a radio voice, I guess we all will soon see. It's time to shift gears in a new vehicle.


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