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Sushi, Jet Ski, Sleep and Repeat

RAW food are you kidding me, that’s gross. So, you want me to throw up while I’m eating. Will this sushi move if I poke it with a chopstick? Can I use a fork instead? You know what I don’t even want it, please take my plate.

Many years have passed from my inaugural sushi experience. I must say by far it's my preferred way to eat. If my pockets are right, I’m ordering sushi. I even went to the extent of making sushi at home with my girlfriend one day.

Now if I can make the time to go jet skiing my happiness meter would rise beyond the limit. That would be my circle of life. Eat, Sleep, Jet Ski and then repeat.

What may be once your fear, could ultimately be your unearthed happiness? So, what's the wait? Explore and bring to light buried delight (bar).

If there is one thing that you haven’t tried, and something is telling you that it would deliver bliss. What might that be and when will you take a dab at it?


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